Patient Resources

  • Fitting Bongo Rx

    The Bongo Rx All Sizes Starter Kit comes with four different sizes. Follow the instructions to find the size that forms a comfortable, stable seal inside your nose. We recommend that you try all four sizes before selecting a final size.

  • Cleaning Bongo Rx

    Since the Bongo Rx is designed to be reusable, it is important to keep your device clean. Follow the instructions to clean your device.

  • Using the optional headgear for Bongo Rx

    If you are an "active" sleeper who moves around a lot, you may prefer the added security brought by the optional headgear accessory that comes standard with your Bongo Rx kit. Follow the instructions to use the Zero-TensionTM Headgear Accessory.

If you suffer from mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea, Bongo Rx may be right for you!

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