Bongo Rx ... the simple yet effective CPAP alternative

No machine, no masks, no hoses, no power needed!

Clinically tested and FDA-Cleared

See how Bongo Rx is changing the lives of those with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea!

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Why Bongo® Rx

Clinically tested CPAP alternative

No masks, no hoses, no loud noise

Woman sleeping peacefully on her back using Bongo Rx

Quiet, won’t disturb others trying to sleep

Man sleeping on his side using Bongo Rx

Allows you to sleep in virtually any position

Woman sleeping curled up in a ball using Bongo Rx

Discreet, your bed partner may not even know

Woman sleeping peacefully next to partner using Bongo Rx
Veteran sitting on edge of bed trying on Bongo Rx

No power required; ideal for home use, travelers, and campers

Man using Bongo Rx camping in a tent
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Reviewed and Cleared by the FDA for the treatment of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea

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Proudly designed and Made in the USA

How Bongo Rx Works


Simply Insert Bongo Rx into your nostrils; its soft silicone sealing beads will hold it in place.


As you breathe in, one way redirection valves open fully to let in a full breath.


As you breathe out, the valves close, redirecting exhaled air out through special vents to create a back pressure to hold your airway open.

EPAP = Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure

    You Should Try This

    “Bongo is brilliant for travel which is vital for me. It’s very easy to keep clean and extremely reliable. I could write more but honestly all you need to know is that if you have mild to moderate apnea and you can’t tolerate a mask, you travel a lot, or go camping, you should try this. For me, Bongo is elegantly simple, amazingly effective. Pure genius!”

    Great Invention

    “Absolutely love Bongo and think it’s the greatest invention for OSA!”

    Changed My Life

    “I have been using the Bongo Rx for about a year and it has completely changed my life. The device is really well made and extremely comfortable. I am a different person now that I can sleep properly. I have energy that I hadn’t had for many years. ”

    More Rested Now

    “After using Bongo, I wake up feeling more rested than I can ever remember. I love this device.”

    I Don’t Plan to Go Back to the Machine

    “I just wanted to say THANK YOU for offering a solution for OSA that works! My CPAP was part of the Philips recall and my doctor and I took a chance on Bongo Rx. I’m happy to say that it works beautifully! I love the freedom from the tubing. I don’t plan to go back to the machine. This product is worth a try for anyone who uses a CPAP. Thanks, Bongo Rx!”

    Improved My Sleep

    “After four weeks of using Bongo, my quality of sleep is pretty good. I have recommended to several of my friends. I have no problem falling asleep with Bongo and it is comfortable to wear throughout the entire night”

    I Will Be Recommending Bongo Rx

    “I want to congratulate AirAvant for producing what I consider the best alternative to a CPAP machine! I have been using Bongo and have found it to work perfectly, very comfortable, and no problem using it without the strap. I will be recommending the Bongo to all my clients and friends that have sleep apnea!”

    I Made The Switch For Better Sleep

    “Bongo is 100 times better than my CPAP machine, which I just could not use. Best sleep I have gotten in ages. No wires, no hoses, and so much better than a CPAP. As a prior CPAP user, I am looking forward to getting my resupply pack of Bongos and continuing on with this therapy.”

Third party research shows that users are satisfied with their Bongo Rx and are continuing to use it over time.

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Doctor sitting with patient advising him on sleep apnea
edison awards logo

Bongo Rx Nominated For The Edison Awards™ (2020)

AirAvant Medical, makers of Bongo Rx, was nominated for a prestigious Edison Award. This annual competition recognizes innovative products, services, and business leaders around the world.

The Bongo Rx 4-in-1 Starter Fit Kit

Once you have a prescription for Bongo Rx, You’ll start with a 4-in-1 Starter Fit Kit, which includes one pair each of the four Bongo Rx sizes for you to start using at home. This All Sizes Kit (Item BNG500, MSRP $199) also comes with accessories, such as a headgear, a travel case, and a drying stand.

A hand reaching for the Bongo Rx 4-in-1 Starter Fit Kit by the bedside

Once you determine your preferred size, you’ll be able to order just that size in the future.

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    Easy to start

    “High patient acceptance and satisfaction are key factors in promoting compliance with any OSA treatment, and patients reported that Bongo Rx is simple to use and comfortable. The Bongo Rx benefits from its easy to start modality as it does it not require the lengthy setup of other treatment options that may require a machine, titration, or surgery.”

    Brazell H. Carter, MD

    This device could revolutionize the sleep industry

    “I received the Bongo Rx device. This device could revolutionize the sleep industry. As a Sleep Apnea sufferer, I was very Impressed with the innovative simplicity of the device. I have used the Bongo Rx device and found it comfortable and clinically, I felt as good the next day as when I use the standard equipment.”

    Amir Piracha

    It has really changed my life

    “First of all the Bongo Rx has stopped me from snoring. I feel extremely fresh in the morning. … This also does not leave a mark on my face like CPAP machines can. It can fit in my travel kit without any problem. I can’t believe it’s such a simple device and works so well. It has really changed my life. My mother is using the Bongo Rx. My mother is in her mid-70s and…She states that she is extremely fresh throughout the day as well. My dad typically sleeps one or two hours after her and States that finally after 53 years she’s not snoring when he goes to bed.”

    Larry Tankanow

    Impressed with the Bongo Rx

    “My wife Roberta was diagnosed to have sleep apnea and had…always complained that the CPAP equipment was uncomfortable. Two months ago, she was fitted for the Bongo Rx….She is getting a good night’s sleep without snoring. … She has told me that the Bongo Rx is easy to use, comfortable and that she will no longer use her CPAP equipment after using Bongo Rx. As a pulmonary physician I have been impressed with the Bongo Rx and have witnessed firsthand the advantages of using Bongo.”

About Sleep Apnea and how to know if Bongo Rx is right for you

Millions of people suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. If you are one of them, and if left untreated, the sleep disorder can have a major negative impact on your health and quality of life.

Learn More about Sleep Apnea

Is Bongo Rx right for you?

  • Do you have mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)?

  • Is traveling with your CPAP a hassle?

  • Have you stopped using your CPAP machine?

  • Turned off by other CPAP alternatives like surgery, implants or oral devices?

  • Do you have high out of pocket costs for CPAP machines and masks?

  • Loud snoring, daytime sleepiness, or fatigue affecting you or your bed partner?

Man enjoying camping with his young son and daughter

If any of these are true, Bongo Rx may be right for you!

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