Bongo Rx Features

Bongo Rx is a Revolutionary Sleep Apnea Airway Dilator

Key Features

  • "Nostril Bud” Airway Dilators

    A connected pair of specially designed, silicone "Nostril Buds" that gently insert a short way into your nostrils to create a sealed fit.

  • "RightTight" Silicone Sealing Bead

    Features a Silicone Sealing Bead that ensures an effective seal between nostril and device, a must for creating adequate back pressure.
  • Revolutionary "Blowback" Airway Suspension Technology

    Features a "Blowback" One-Way Redirection Valve that fully opens during inhalation and then closes during exhalation.

  • Ambidextrous Symmetrical Shape

    Symmetrical in shape making them ambidextrous allowing them to fit into your nostrils either forwards or backwards.

  • "Blowback" One-Way Redirection Valve

    Sophisticated valve that opens during inhalation, allowing a full breath in. Upon exhalation, the valve closes and quietly redirects the air out of "Sidekick” bleed ports.

  • "All-Together" Tethered Design

    Each pair of Bongo Rx nostril buds are connected by a silicone tether that makes them easy to keep track of and positions them to fit.

  • Premium Super-Springy "SuppleTough" Silicone Construction

    Premium silicone that was developed for lightweight comfort and to self-conform to the inside of your nostrils.

  • Quiet "Flutter-Free" Operation

    Bongo Rx’ Blowback Valve is precision-made to exacting tolerances and designed to be quiet, even for heavy breathers.

  • "Night-After-Night" Reusability

    Bongo Rx Sleep Apnea Airway Dilators are made to be used night after night for up to 90 days and can be easily cleaned using soap and water.

  • FDA Cleared For Sleep Apnea

    Bongo Rx Sleep Apnea Airway Dilators have been reviewed and cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration for use in the treatment of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

The Bongo Rx 4-in-1 Starter Fit Kit

To make sure you find the size that fits you best, we offer a "4-IN-1" Starter Fit Kit that includes a pair of Airway Dilators in each of the four available sizes for you to try from the comfort of your home. Once you determine your Airway Dilator size, you’ll be able to order just your preferred size when you are ready to replace your original Bongo Rx in the future.

A hand reaching for the Bongo Rx 4-in-1 Starter Fit Kit by the bedside

Accessories: The Bongo Rx Starter Fit Kit (Item BNG500, MSRP $199) comes standard with a drying stand, travel case and optional headgear.

If you suffer with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea, Bongo Rx may be right for you!

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