Two Simple Steps to Get the Bongo Rx

Step 1 – Get your prescription for Bongo Rx Sleep Apnea Airway Dilators

Option 1 - Telemedicine Appointment

Schedule a telemedicine appointment with a board certified specialist from the iSleep Physicians Group for $35. This 10 minute virtual meeting can be done from the comfort of your own home to see if the Bongo Rx is right for you.

Schedule Your Appointment

Option 2 - Visit Your Local Physician

Ask your local doctor for a Bongo Rx prescription. Start by completing this simple sleep health Assessment to give to your doctor. We do not ask your name or collect any personally-identifiable information. Your responses are 100% anonymous.

Complete Your Assessment

Step 2 - Buy your Bongo Rx

Once you have your prescription, purchase Bongo Rx from your local respiratory medical equipment provider or any of these online retailers. (Note: You will have to present your prescription to the equipment provider at the time of purchase.)

Singular Sleep

Sleep Well Rested

No Insurance Medical Supplies

Apria Direct

The DME Source