The Bongo Rx Nominated For The Edison Awards™ 2020

Bongo Rx

Man Sleeping 2 with Bongo Rx New CPAP Alternative Treatment for Mild to Moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea

At the beginning of the year, the Edison Awards 2020 nominees were revealed. AirAvant Medical is proud to announce that the Bongo Rx was nominated for a prestigious Edison Award. This annual competition recognizes innovative products, services, and business leaders around the world. A respected accolade, we are honored that our flagship product was named among the other Edison Awards 2020 nominees.

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The Edison Awards Honors Innovations and Innovators

Established in 1987 and named after renowned inventor and businessman Thomas Edison, this annual competition is open to organizations across the globe. The Edison Awards honor game-changing new products that embody innovation and human-centered design. We believe the Bongo Rx embodies these qualities by providing optimized and convenient EPAP therapy for those with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

The Bongo Rx Is A Game-Changing Sleep Apnea Device

The Bongo Rx is a discreet and reusable sleep apnea nasal device that has been FDA-cleared for use by patients with mild to moderate OSA. A non-surgical and effective alternative to CPAP, the Bongo Rx was designed for convenience, portability, and usability. It provides comfortable sleep apnea therapy to users, improving their sleep and supporting their active lifestyles. No electricity, no masks, and no hoses needed.

AirAvant Medical launched the Bongo Rx in 2019 after several years of research, design, and clinical testing. We believe it is a truly game-changing product and the Edison Awards 2020 nomination solidifies that distinction.

“We believe that the Bongo Rx embodies the essence of the Edison Awards. The device may look very simple at first, but its design is deceptively sophisticated and innovative in function and how it is manufactured. We believe this can be a life-changing product for those who suffer from sleep apnea, but can’t tolerate CPAP for one reason or another. The fact that it is so small and doesn’t require any electricity allows patients to use it basically anywhere and at any time – it’s extremely travel-friendly.” – Javier Collazo, Vice President of AirAvant Medical

Ask Your Doctors About The Bongo Rx

People who are seeking convenient sleep apnea therapy can turn to the Bongo Rx. A prescription nasal EPAP device, the Bongo Rx was developed to be reusable, portable, and discreet. It’s innovative and user-friendly design was recognized by the 2020 Edison Awards. The award-nominated Bongo Rx is currently available in the U.S. and Canada. AirAvant Medical plans to expand availability in the coming months. If you suffer from mild to moderate OSA, ask your doctor about the Bongo Rx!